Option #1:

(1) Cage for 30 Minutes = $25

2 individuals can share cage time, and the cost, with this option! 

Option #2:

(4) 30-Minute Sessions = $90 ($10 savings)

*All (4) sessions must be used within 30 days of the date purchased/paid. You can call and book first, then purchase/pay on the day of your first workout. Unused sessions will expire and will not rollover to the following 30 day period. ONE player only for this option and cannot be split with a friend.

Option #3:

(1) Cage for 60 Minutes = $45




Program      Cage Time           Dual Option                                                Price

One:                                     1 Hour:               1) One-Time Full Facility Rental =            $100

                                                                                   2) Weekly Time Slot of (3) sessions =   $250**

(3) SESSION BONUS: Everyone on the team’s roster will get an additional $5 Discount on individual hitting reservations during the 30 day period following the team’s first session. Head Coach/Manager must provide S9 with team roster for discounts to be applied to individual sessions.

Please talk to a Starting9 Staff Member if you are interested in booking a (4) session package or more.


Team Payment, Cancellation, and Reservation Policies…

* All one-time team reservations will require payment at the time of booking the appointment.  48 hour notice is required to CANCEL any team workouts.  If a cancellation occurs after the 48 hour mark, and we are unable to book the time slot, payment will be forfeited and no refund or credit will be provided.
**To secure a recurring weekly time slot, a (3) session program must be purchased.  Full and final payment is due before starting the first workout.  If payment is not received by the due date, S9 reserves the right to cancel the reservation and book another team in that current team’s future time slot(s).  All 3 sessions must be used within 30 days of the first session.

Team Rules and Protocols…

  1. We are asking coaches to run a ‘Split Squad’ practice…just like the big leaguers in Spring Training. Maximum of 6 players and 3 coaches at any given time.

  2. To limit the amount of people in the facility and give the coaches a controlled environment to teach and get the most out of the reserved time, we ask that parents remain in their cars when possible.

  3. Teams will utilize the entire facility (Both Cages). No individual hitting sessions will be booked during a team’s reservation time.

  4. Availability…As of right now we offer the following days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Monday and Wednesday have already been taken.  We’re operating on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, so get your cage time today by calling (661) 424-9581.

  5. Parking can get pretty full and our neighbors sometimes leave cars overnight. We ask that players get dropped off in the back of the facility when the parking lot is full so they can take warmup swings without damaging cars.

  6. Please leave all baseball bags at home or in your car. Players should only bring in their helmet, bat, and batting gloves.

  7. Teams have 30 Days to complete a package allowing for any unforeseen scheduling changes that may occur and the ability to book every other week, if necessary.

  8. During the 30 day team period, players on the team purchasing a package will be given a $5 DISCOUNT ANY TIME THEY VISIT THE FACILITY TO GET EXTRA WORK away from regular scheduled team practices (Applies to individual hitting sessions of 30 minutes or more).

  9. 48 hour notice is required to CANCEL any team workouts. If a cancellation occurs after the 48 hour mark, and we are unable to book the time slot, the team loses that particular session and S9 reserves the right to cancel future reserved sessions and provide a refund for those remaining unused sessions.

  10. We accept credit cards and cash.

  11. Mask Rule: Mask are optional


With the volume of inquiries and availability, once a team commits to a time and day, we will not be able to guarantee an alternative spot and in such case a refund will be applied back to the team.

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